Loss of monitor signal with HD4870


i just got my Gigabyte HD 4870 (1 GB) last month and tried to install it on 7 32bit Ultimate. The problem is that after ive installed the catalyst driver and reboot the windows boot screen is shown normally & so is the desktop... But when i start any game, the monitor gets no signal any more. So i've to reboot start in safe mode (after several restart attempts), uninstall radeon driver to get standard vga back.

What i did until now is:

- install different catalyst drivers (the one i got with my card, 9.11 from catalyst side, 9.12 from amd) > all the same result

- a new install of W7 ultimate shows the same problems...

Funny thing is that it was working for the first 3 weeks... this issue suddenly appeared since the last 8 days... Have tested the games on my inbuilt VGA and they work fine.....

Now i used the MS "Windows install Clean up" utility to remove all ATI drives and CCC and also cleaned my registry and also removed any ATI folders.....

Now, i can start PES 2010, but 5 mins into it or any other game, the monitor looses signal again and i get a blank screen... the PC also freezes sometimes.....

Is it something to do with my monitor's refresh rate??

I have a 17" LG CRT monitor (700E)....
Intel C2D 6400
946GZIS Mobo
2GB Ram
500 Watt PSU

Please help.... Dont want to play with the generic ATI drivers without any tweaks.....


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  1. anyone??? please....
  2. Its possible that your 17 inch monitor don't have the capability to play the resolution of whatever game your playing.

    Try getting a better CRT or LCD display...

    The 4870 is like a sports car on a CART Wheels.

    Its not windows or ATI driver.
  3. hi,

    I have unisntalled all ATI drivers, rebooted and then installed just the drivers 10.1 version without installing the CCC....

    I only play my games at 1024*768 .... coz thats the res that my monitor gives me a refresh rate of 85 which i prefer.... so it shouldn't be the monitor,can it???

    I can browse the net ok... but the moment i start to play any game, the monitor goes blank after the games initial screen !!!!

    As i mentioned, i could play the same games a few weeks ago at the same settings..!!!!

    Is it necessary to install CCC ??

    Would appreciate any other suggestion.... :)
  4. where have all the GODS gone ???

    some1 help pleaseee.... :(
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