Will this cpu cooler work for my build?

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  1. Honestly, instead of that expensive Zalman, why don't you look into the coolermaster Hyper 212? The 9900 is decent, but for less than half the price, the 212 performs as good if not better with a single fan setup, dual fans makes the 212 even better.

    As for fitting; I'm not positive, but usually you can google such things as "Hyper 212 in NZXT Phantom" and usually get a decent set of results to see about fitting.
  2. Get the Hyper 212 EVO, much better and cheaper. It will fit your case, and its compatible with your CPU/MoBo. You might want to get Low Profile RAM such as the G.Skill Ares.
  3. uhohthepopo said:

    Do you plan on overclocking the cpu ? If not a tx-3 or deepcool mc 3002 will fit easily , easy to install, cool well and cost 1/4 of the choice you made .
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