What is a good read speed?

i have 2 wd 350gb drives in raid 0, but at most i only get 140mbps sequential read. bearing in mind that i have an i7 920, and 6gb dd3 at 1800mhz, i would think my pc would be a lot faster than what it is.

do you think this is what is making my pc so slow, and also, what else determines how good a hdd is?
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  1. 70 - 120 mbps for a single drive... depending on the drive
  2. sorry, thats a typo, they are 250gb.

    they are the same drives, i bought them at the same time.

    being 16 with very little money does suck :p

    i am getting an ssd soon.

    and i used crystal disk mark
  3. what makes it feel slow, from power button to desktop screen takes about a minute, i know its not amazingly important, but i have seen lower spec cpu's do it in half the time.

    game loading times are slow, opening programs isnt super fast.

    there are many thing... i guess i will just have to wait untilli get my ssd :D

    thanks for your help
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