GA-Z77X-UD3 + 3570k + 7970

So im gona get GA-Z77X-UD3H gigabyte board, and i will get 3570k and gigabyte 7970 And im gona OC both, i'll get Thermalright silver arrow se-b.
So how mutch you think i could push them up?
I have R4 case and just the basic fans in it.
Im building and ocing a pc first time, so some basix tips would be awesome :lol:
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    I'm going to suggest you save a bit of money and grab a hyper 212. They are literally one of the best for the price and I believe the only true winner is the Noctua which I have NO reason in my life to justify the price tag on some of these coolers when the 212 is so inexpensive, supports 2 fans (I run dual 110CFM's on mine) and even with an expensive pair of fans is so much cheaper.

    As for pushing possible speeds? 4.5Ghz is probably not going to be to difficult but it really depends on the chip. However in most posts I've seen the Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge CPU's are pretty good on being consistent and usually have a pretty good range of overclocking.

    As for the 7970; I'm not actually sure but I hear good things on that GB version and even more about the Sapphire Vapor-X cooler. Just remember, airflow is GOLDEN and make sure you have it. If you've got the BEST cooling in the world in a case that is holding a 50C ambient temperature; you're not going to be doing very well.
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