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This is my fist build and I do not have beginners luck. here is the story: I started with AMD 955BE C2, Asus M4A89GTD USB3, ADATA 1600 mhz 2GBx2. Windows 7 64 home.
It booted once I loaded windows, and then shut down to add a VGA. It did not boot w/ memory error beeps. I tried other RAM to no avail and was informed that my chip was certified for 1600MHZ and likely fried. I sent back the CPU and received one of the same except C3. Plugged it in w/ 1333MHZ from the mobo QVL list. same error. Now I have returned the mobo assuming the slots are bad. I receive a M4A88TD evo USB3 tomorrow. I need advice, I dont know what Ill do if it doesn't work. Thanks guys.
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  1. You should take a deep breath and step back for a minute. You need to do a little troubleshooting before randomly replacing parts hoping to accidentally "solve" your problem. Which exact RAM kit do you have? Have you manually set the RAM speed, timings, and voltage to the correct values in the BIOS? Have you run an overnight Memtest86+ test to check for RAM errors? Did you verify in the motherboard owners manual that you're using the correct RAM slots? Those are the first things I would do.
  2. "was certified for 1600MHZ" I meant to say WAS NOT. The people at ASUS said I likely fried the memory controller by accident. That is why I replaced the CPU. The one time it booted it had recognized and set itself to the proper RAM settings. All the RAM I have used was tested on another system and is from the mobo QVL. So to answer your question: I do not think the CPU and the mobo were both bad but without a schematic and a multi-meter there are only so many things I can do. I followed the directions given me by Asus. in response to the beeb question: one long, two short, then a pause, and repeat. Hardware error with the RAM LED lit.
  3. The replacement board came in and it runs great. I don't know what exactly the problem was (mobo or CPU). Sucks I had to replace both. I am using a m4a88td-evo/usb3. Thanks everyone.
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