CPU Temp stays at 0 .. some help.

So I bought an unlockable AMD Phenom II 555 off of ebay, Got a Biostar TA785GE and built a nice budget rig. I unlocked the 4 cores successfully but my temp programs read 0 celsius, They read the temps just fine as a dual core but now it isn't. Any ideas on how I can fix this i'd love to know how much my temps hae changed after the unlock and i want to know wha my temps are right now because im running prime95. thanks in adance guys.
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  1. Try uninstalling the program and installing again.. Don't forget to restart the system after uninstalling..
  2. I'm having the same issue :( I unlocked my AMD Sempron 140 to 2 cores from 1 core. In ALL of my temp reading applications, my temp reads 0 degrees :( Core Temp, AMD OverDrive, and FanSpeed all say my core temp is zero.

    Except I'm using Asus's M4A785TD-V EVO Motherboard.
  3. When the Athlon II's and Phenom IIs unlock the temp sensors for the cores get messed up and disabled this is normal. The CPU die temp should still work and will give you a good idea of your temps.
  4. what do you mean by "cpu die temp"? How do I figure my temp? :X
  5. after thinking about what I just typed, is the "die temp" the temperature at which my CPU "dies" or BSOD? :D
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