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I have a seagate 500 GB external hard drive that I have been using for the last one month. I moved to my home town recently and when I tried to plug in my external drive, the computer seems to recognize it but doesnt show it in my computer as a removable media. I went to device manager and found it to be listed there. I went to disk management and apart from Disk 0, which is the basic drive for my PC, I found a new DISK 1 but it shows 3.86 GB only. I tried to initialize but says the request could not be performed because of an I/O error. I checked in three different PC's. No luck whatsoever. There's no provision of assigning a drive letter. So I could not chckdsk. Any solution would be immensly helpful...
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  1. This may sound stupid but does the drive have a power cable? Are you using it?
    Try a different usb port (not a usb hub), or a different usb cable.
  2. Yes it does have a power cable. I am using it. I tried all the ports. And I tried in three different computers. The cable seems to be allright. Any more suggestion?
  3. Does your home town use a different amount of voltage in the wall-outlets? If it's too low it could cause drive-boot problems. It may not be able to initialize and is throwing weird readings. I know the 2.5 HDDs that I run on my DVD player do this.

    IF you're using wall adapters that's the first culprit I would address.
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