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What should i use as coolant?

I was think of using mayhem liquid cooling dye but im not quite sure what is your opinion? I am using the XSPC Rasa 750 RX240 Universal CPU Water Cooling Kit.
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    Plain distilled water with a biocide and killcoil.
  2. rubix_1011 said:
    Plain distilled water with a biocide and killcoil.

    Wait... Are you supposed to use both?
  3. Yes, you can.

    I'm assuming you are asking killcoil+biocide and not distilled+coolant/dye.
  4. I was realy wondering what would give it a great uv or led lighting effect im going with a mainly blue theme but i have colorshift fans that change from blue/red/green colors. what would be the best thing to color for this?
  5. UV reactive tubing.
  6. Recommendation for an xpsc system using 7/16 inner and 5/8 outer diameters? I mean a type of tubing.
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