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I wish to connect simultaneously the monitor (Samsung 17 inches LCD) and the TV (40 inches LCD). The monitor has a permission 1024*768, at the TV 1920*1080. When I connect, works only either the TV or the monitor (looking how to put the permission). If I put for example the permission 1280*768 (and in parameters specify compatible work) that work together, but it is narrowed letters and other on the monitor and on the TV not in all screen. Maybe somebody knows as to make the permission to the monitor 1024*768 and on the TV 1920*1080 that worked simultaneous (in manager ATI I can't do this). Or maybe who knows some program for decision this problem.
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  1. What is your goal with the dual monitors?
    1) Is is Clone/Mirror Mode where both monitors show the exact same thing? This setting is limited by the smallest of your two monitors.
    2) Is it Extended Mode where you want extra desktop space to work with? This setting will allow you to have different resolutions.

    Both of these options are in you Destop & Displays window in CCC. Right click the little monitor on the bottom left and click either Duplicate or Extend.
  2. Promlem in next. The Monitor is in my room, but the TV in the Another room. Monitor I connect VGA cable, the TV I connect HDMI cable. In CCC I adjusted and nothing.
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