i have an asus ws P6t6 revolution motherboard.My question is ,the mobo came with a 3-way sli connector.. can i use that for just 2 cards or does that have to be strictly for the 3 cards.And if i cant use the connector do I buy one for 2 cards??
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  1. also does sli have to compatible cards?? meaning do i have to have 2 295s or can it be 1-#295 and 1 new fermi card??
  2. does sli have to be compatible cards?? meaning do i have to have 2-295s 0r can it be 1-#295 and 1 gtx#480??
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  4. Couldn"t you SLI a 295 and a 275?

    (Since a 295 is 2 downclocked 275s)?
  5. ^ Right, But it's like a 4870X2 and a 4870, Wich SLi fine, or a 5970 and a 5870, Wich SLI fine.
  6. Quote:
    You cant even SLI a GTS250 and a 9800GTX+, which is just (sometimes not even) a die shrink.

    According to Nvidia you can SLi them so long as the RAM matches.
  7. ^ Yep.

    It appears that he has been ownd pretty badly here.....

    And MM, Can you SLi a 295 and a 275?
  8. builderbobftw said:
    And MM, Can you SLi a 295 and a 275?

    As far as I'm aware no, you can't.
    Really? then whats the talk i heard about BIOS flashing and etc?
    and by "SLI"ing 5870s you actually mean "CFX" right.. :D

    I don't know what talk you've been hearing, care to share?
  9. Quote:

    Apparently there is no need to flash the BIOS's though :-
    NVIDIA says the GeForce GTS 250 will run in SLI with the 9800 GTX+, but the two cards must have the same amount of memory in order for SLI to function: you won’t be able to pair a 1GB GeForce GTS 250 with a 512MB GeForce 9800 GTX+.

    I could understand if it were a 9800GT that were trying to be SLi'd with an 8800GT as the 9800 would have to be flashed but there should be no need to touch the BIOS with a GTX and GTS.
  10. Quote:
    Oh well, at least I learned something new today, cheers.
    But the fact is you still can only SLI two identical cards :(

    (PS:Just making sure since were on this topic, You cant SLI a 280 with a 285 right? But you can SLIan 260 with the 216?)

    The GTX260 216 is a card that has 216sp's and the card that you can SLi it with is the GTX260 192 which has 192sp's but then both cards will only be using 192sp's but as far as a GTX280 being Sli'd with a GTX285 everything I've seen so far says no.
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