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I was wondering what would be the best bang for my buck on the GT5662. I believe that the GT5662 only has a 375w power supply and I would like a card that runs games well, but does not require me to get a new power supply. Any information appreciated, thanks
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  1. If it is a PCI-E slot motherboard, you can probably comfortably install a 5750, as long as you are not hoping for max settings at 1920x1080 or higher resolutions..
  2. yes it does have pcie slot. I have a 17" monitor that I usually have at 1152 X 864. I looking for a card that is able to run empire, cod4, and other newer games. Would this be a decent option where I would not have to add fans / change psu?
  3. As long as your computer has a fan in front and in back you will be fine. 80mm is ok better with 120mm fans.
  4. only have the one fan in the back, any suggestions besides gettitng a new comp? :lol:
  5. Add more fans?
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