HD 5670 compatible with DQ35JO

Just want to know if my mobo supports it and if so would there be any disadvantages?
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  1. Hi Josh1991 and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Yeah ur mobo is compatible with the HD 5670.

    What are the disadvantages? U need check 1st if ur current PSU can support the new GPU before purchase it.
  2. Thanks, i have a 450watt psu
  3. The system requirements for that GPU says that a 400W for single GPU and 500W for Crossfire.

    I think that is enough, but save an extra budget for a new PSU in case that the current PSU can't handle the rig.
  4. my motherboard doesnt support crossfire or sli, saving up for a P45 chipset with crossfire:) thanks for the help
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