Firepro M7740 in a Dell M6500


Would the Firepro M7740 make a better gaming graphics option on the Dell M6500 or the Quado FX 3800M? Both are progessional graphics cards, but with DX10.1 support, I think the cheaper ATI card would be better for games. Ideas?
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    Looks like the FirePro wins a little in the 3Dmark synthetic benchmarks. When it comes to workstation graphics cards don’t expect any miracles while trying to game on it.
  2. paperfox workstation cards in laptops can be slower but the Firepro M7740 is a RV740 at heart. for those without google that's a ati 4750 a very competitive card for laptops.

    you should do very well with the Firepro M7740
  3. Thanks,

    I just ordered my new laptop Dell M6500, i7-820QM Quad Core, 8gb DDR3-1333, 2x128gb SSD in Raid 0 config, Firepro M7740. Although it is 90% or more a work laptop, I hope it will be a decent gaming machine for those nights in a hotel...
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