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Hello i have a asus rampage 3 extreme motherboard... and when i put my ram dimms in the mb....the ram's is Kingston DDR3 HyperX 1600MHz 6GB ....Kit w/3X HyperX 2GB DDR3, CL9-9-9-27 1.65 volt .....the bios see's them at 1066mhz and the voltage is set to 1.508....but when i change them to 1600 mhz ...the voltage is still 1.508 ...the dram ram bus is on why do the voltage not automatic go up to 1.65 volt ??

Hope someone can help me :sweat:
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  1. Welcome, Newcomer. There are two things you should know about any [Auto] setting in the BIOS:

    1. The auto setting allows that particular value to fluctuate, which means that a constant value may not always be apparent; and

    2. The CMOS chip stores the memory of the BIOS, including the default values.

    As more voltage is needed (like when playing games or using memory intensive apps), the BIOS will automatically increase the voltage. For that matter, the BIOS will also decrease the voltage when less is needed. This voltage throttling is a power saving feature.

    To achieve a constant 1.65 V, you must manually configure this in the DRAM Voltage area of your BIOS.
  2. Oki thank you !!!

    so if i understand ...i dont have to do nothing with the dram bus voltage ?? when i raise the from 1066mhz to 1600mhz...

    and will my ram's have enough voltage with 1.508v on 1600mhz...

    My last question is ...what do you thing is have it on auto with 1.508v or manually put dram bus voltage to 1.65v...

    sorry i'm new to this :-)
  3. You understand a part of what I was trying to inform you. Technically, no, you don't have to increase your DRAM voltage, but you should manually set the voltage to 1.65, especially if you plan to overclock your RAM to 1600 MHz. Without the constant voltage, you will see a lot of instability.
  4. Thank you again !!

    but i dont understand why i'm OC my ram when is Kingston DDR3 HyperX 1600MHz ...

    but can you help me how i manually set the voltage to 1.65 in my bios

    and do i have to change other things ..i think maybe the cpu
  5. You didn't say you're using an i7 CPU, but i'm guessing because you wanted info on setting your RAM voltage to 1.65. If this is true, then without overclocking, the i7 can only use RAM up to a 1066 frequency. See here: [...] 029913.htm
  6. Yes i'm using i7- 950 ..... asus rampage 3 extreme .... Kingston DDR3 HyperX 1600MHz ....

    but in bios my ram is set to 1066mhz ....and i just want to set them to 1600mhz and the dram bus voltage to 1.65v .....

    the link is not working
  7. When you plug RAM into your motherboard, as the system boots, the BIOS reads the contents of the SPD chip on RAM module. The SPD chip contains all the operating parameters of the RAM - frequency, timings, voltage. The SPD chip is programmed at the factory - basically on the production line.

    The SPD chip is telling the system that it is DDR3-1066 RAM programmed to operate at 1.5 volts. What Kingston is telling you is that they overclocked the RAM and tested it at DDR3-1600 speeds and that it needs 1.65 volts to operate reliably at that speed.
  8. oki thank you....

    can somebody help me.. to change my ram from 1066mhz to 1600mhz and to set the voltage to 1.65v MANUALLY

    My motherboard is asus rampage 3 extreme
  9. Follow these steps:

    1. Get into your BIOS
    2. Open the Extreme Tweaker menu
    3. Use the arrow keys to navigate to DRAM Frequency
    4. Change [Auto] to 1600
    5. Find DRAM Bus Voltage
    6. Change [Auto] to [Manual]
    7. Set DRAM voltage to 1.65
    8. Find DRAM Timing Control
    9. Change [Auto] to [Manual]
    10. Set the timings are as follows:
    9-9-9-27 1T (CAS, tRCD, tRP, tRAS)
    11. Press the F10 key to save and exit
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