Which High end PC case would you choose and why?

I going to buy a new PC case in the near future, but I'm not sure which high end PC case to choose so I'd like to hear other peoples opinions to help me make up my mind, If you've had any experience with any of the cases in the Poll I'd love to hear it. Cheers ;)

Also if you'd highly recommend a case that isn't listed in the Poll options then feel free to express your thoughts.
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  1. IMO, there is really only two choices: the HAF and the Antec.

    It really should be noted that the best choice is the HAF 922. The 922 is only slightly smaller than the 932, but is a good $60 cheaper.

    The HAF is probably the best case out there. It's cheap at around $100, but will fit all GPUs on the market right now. Even though the 922 is advertised as a mid-tower, it's bigger than several full-towers on the market. It's highly functional, and very well designed.

    I will not try to agrue that the HAF is a pretty case, as it's pretty ugly. If I were going on looks alone, I really like the look of the CM RC-1000 Cosmos (the white version), but at twice the cost of the HAF, I can't recommend it unless you absolutely fell in love with it's looks.
  2. Thanks MadAdmiral for your input, I currently have the CM HAF932 and it has loads of room, great air flow and is easy to use. But IMO its ugly, theres no dust filters....and I hate the white/silver interior.
  3. I have CM HAF 932(this case its amazing,its huge,its heavy,no dust filters,but airflow and easy to install and great cable management thats for me important),no more ANTEC 1200(i have before,but for bad cable management and for bad installation components,i sell on ebay for 80£),HAF 932 its great and good for customization (im this case customize to red cooler and clear side window,which now looking amazing),but decision its your.
  4. I'm actually going to sell my HAF932 on ebay, but dont know what case to go for.

    Thanks jura11 for your input

    P.S nice customization.
  5. BTW, the 922 has dust filters on it. It also allows you to turn off the front LEDs.
  6. yep a deffinate improvement, but still ugly! and looks are important :P
  7. Go for LianLi or Lancool cases(looking great and nice cable management,dust filters also have).I don't think its HAF 932 ugly(i like the HAF style,but i don't like no dust filters),this case its amazing for customization
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