Explorer relentlessly crashing

Two nights ago explorer.exe started giving me major problems. It crashes when Windows loads. There haven't been any major changes to my system and before we even get into this I'd like to establish now that I did enough in-depth Malware scan to know nothing suspicious is going on.

I re-installed Windows, which didn't help. That actually made my Logitech USB mouse stop working, which is another annoyance entirely. (It's a known issue.)

Anyway, it crashes as usual when I log on in Safe Mode, but NOT when log on as the administrator (still safe mode). I attempted to delete the registry keys but couldn't find them - they weren't where they should be. Is it possible another process is forcing Explorer to crash?

Incidentally, daemonu.exe (NVidia) crashes at some point down the line after Explorer fails. Could this be the program giving me trouble?

It's not a worrying problem as everything works find under the admin profile in safe mode and I can still launch programs through the task manager but it's severely annoying. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Oh, and I should also mention last night that after about 20 soft and hard reboots after various troubleshooting I managed to use Windows successfully until I rebooted again. Then it all went back to hell.

    So 5/100 times I'm able to use my computer normally.
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