Recovering operating system from broken hard drive

Hi my daughter has a laptop and now the harddrive has failed. She failed to make a recovery disc and now as the computer was supplied with windows 7 on it and no disc has no os to put back on. Is there anyway other than buying windows 7 to recover the os?
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  1. You will need to contact the manufacturer of the laptop. They can provide you with factory restore disks that will work with a replacement harddrive. Usually for 10 or 15 bucks
  2. Its a Dell they are not interested as it is out of warranty
  3. you can download win7 ISO image, burn it to dvd and use it to reinstall your windows

    use the product key written on the sticker somewhere on your laptop

    this is perfectly legal, just make sure you download the right version (for which you have the licence; most likely home premium but not necessarily)
  4. jabberwocky8297 said:
    Its a Dell they are not interested as it is out of warranty

    They should still provide the disks. They even say they may have to call you in order to do so if its out of warranty so clearly they plan for that situation. Have you filled out the request form?
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