Graphics card suggestion please?

I've been thinking of getting a new grahics card for a while but I just can't trust myself to make the right choice, I was hoping the nice people here at Tom's Hardaware could help me.

My current system is:

CPU: Phenom II X2 550 BE OC 1.4ghz (a little higher in the future hopefully)
RAM: 4GB OCZ gold 1333
PSU: OCZ 500W modxtreme pro
Case: Antec 300 (card size)
What graphics card would go well with this? I was looking at the 5750 or 5770 but I my CPU might not be up to the task.
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  1. the 5770 is your best bet
  2. ^ +1 Agreed!
  3. So the CPU won't end up being a bottleneck?
  4. not at all

    almost any CPU will work with a 5770

    the lowest i would go as far as processors is an Athlon II x2 processor then you may slightly bottleneck the gfx card

    but the callisto isn't a problem at all
  5. Just don't go dual GPU.
  6. true
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