EIST/Turboboost Stuck at High Speed After Resuming from Sleep!

Speedstep seems to stop working when resuming from sleep mode, at which point I'm stuck at 21x, which means turboboost is stuck ON since the default multiplier is 20x. So yeah, even with a cpu load of under 1% I'm stuck at 21x, & I don't need that!
I have an i5 750.

On a fresh boot up (windows 7, MSI P55-GD85), EIST & Turboboost work just fine. I can see the multiplier usually well under 20x & fluctating as needed (working as it should).
Anyhow, I'm not gaming all the time, so I definitely don't need a 21x multiplier going 24/7. And I do use sleep mode several times during the day & am definitely into power saving, all the more reason why I would like EIST & Turboboost to work properly when resuming from sleep.

I have the newest bios for my mobo, all the latest drivers & windows updates.
How do I go about troubleshooting this problem & keeping Speedstep, which is a must? Is this a common problem?
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  1. Anyone?
  2. I suggest checking HWMonitor to see if your CPU is actually drawing power. Sometimes CPUZ or CoreTemp will tell me it's running at x20 at idle but in HWMonitor it says it's not drawing power. So yea might just be an application error.

    Also, turbo boost doesn't help with lowering the CPU speed only increasing it, mine's OCed so I have turbo off but at idle my multiplier drops to x8 with the power saving features. So yea it could be a turbo eff up but it might be an app reading the system wrong.
  3. I turned off turbo boost, and I still have the same problem, cept the multiplier gets stuck at 20x when resuming from sleep instead of 21x.
    I tried HWMonitor, but I don't think its showing anything accurately.
    Under "Powers", it seems to always show about 112 watts, doesn't fluctuate. Even when EIST is working, before I enter sleep mode on a fresh boot, its the same deal. Always showing 111 or 112 watts.
    Am I missing something? What exactly am I looking for to determine my power usage?
    Am I correct to be checking the "Powers" reading? And what should I be seeing as far as watts or whatever?
  4. 111W is normal, that's around where mine is as well under load. However, at idle it drops to 0 (sometimes displayed as -0.14W). As for the multiplier, I find sometimes it seems to be stuck according to CPUZ at 21 or whatever, but I'm running the Intel Turbo Boost gadget on my desktop which seems very accurate, showing whatever speed it's running under load and at idle shows nothing.

    Check your BIOS out, enable C1E and/or C-states C6 (or try out Auto and/or C3). These should enable low power usage at idle. From my set up at least, I only needed EIST to enable the 21x multiplier - it's the C states that should drop the power at idle.

    I have everything enabled - C1E, EIST (auto), C6, and technically turbo boost as well since my multiplier is set to 21x. It idles very low and cool. I don't use sleep all that much tho so I can't say for certain if it's all working when coming out of sleep but I think it is.
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