Dell 4500s just restarts

Hello,I have a dell 4500s,It won't boot,it just keeps restarting,sometimes it gets the blue screen of death,Y'all think its the hard drive or something else,it wont even come up in safe mode
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  1. Try removing the board battery with the system off; reinstall after one minute. Also try each ram stick one at a time and run memtest, a free download that checks for errors.
  2. So much to try...

    Try booting from a bootable CD (either a Windows disc or even an Ubuntu one)

    Consider booting from a MemTest86+ CD to check for memory errors

    Remove any hardware you can (sound cards, video cards if you have onboard graphics to fall back on, etc)
  3. Btw, there was a recent McAfee AV problem that caused a lot of computers to become unbootable... AND... there was a Windows update earlier that caused a lot of headaches like the one you're describing.
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