NZXT Phantom 410 fan configuration advice

Hey guys, I have an NZXT Phantom 410 with XFX 7850 DD and CM 212 Evo.

the fan slots are as follows, in case you're not familiar with the case

Rear: 1x120mm
Top: 2x140mm (or 2x120mm)
Front: 2x120mm OR 1x140mm
Bottom: 1x120mm
Side: 1x120mm OR 140mm

So I read that the ideal setup would be intake front/bottom, exhaust top/rear, with side situational.

However I'm worried that putting an exhaust on the front-er top slot(in front of the CPU cooler fan) will compete against it for air.
So is this really the case? Or would the exhaust actually help pull more air up to the top and benefit the CPU cooler instead?

Also, for my GPU, XFX 7850 DD, is an exhaust or intake recommended? It seems to "dump heat into the case", but users have reported getting better results with intakes on other GPUs that look like this(dual fans and all).

Thanks for all your help!
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  1. So I read that the ideal setup would be intake front/bottom, exhaust top/rear, with side situational. this is good since hot air move up and cooler air move down.
  2. Thanks for your reply, but that does not properly address any of my questions.
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    I've got that same case with all fan slots filled. My side fan is set up as an intake. I tested intake and exhaust and ran Heaven 3.0 and monitored temps. My Gigabyte Windforce 3X was 2-3C coolers with the side fan set up as intake. I have not tested have the front top fan set up as intake to see if the CPU is cooler. I like the way it's set up and will keep it. If you're really curious you should test it.
  4. Thanks dragonsamus! Now let's just hope someone comes along to clear up the front top fan part. This situation seems to be rather common amongst cases since last year, so probably someone with a similar case could give us some input too!
  5. this will explain you why we put front fan as intake with the side panel and top and rear as exaust
  6. As I've mentioned, I have sufficient general knowledge on fans, but I less so to my specific case.

    Anyway, since I have decided to mount a 140mm intake as side panel, the front top exhaust pretty much has to be exhaust now, I can't have a 5:2 intake-to-exhaust ratio.

    Thanks to all who responded!
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  8. I have the same setup and have been wondering the same, since no one has really given a definitive answer on which solution is more effective, i'm going to test it myself. Using a 4.5GHz overclock, with the same cpu cooler (hyp212evo) and 2 front intake, 1 rear exhaust, 1 side intake, 1 rear/top exhaust and the one front top fan which will be swapped between exhaust and intake. I'll run prime95 for 2 hours with each fan orientation and provide my cpu and northbridge min/max temps here.
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