Shaking display after gaming

is it usual that my screen shak after i close a game and sometimes after restart also
i m using msi r5770 on a 18.5" dell tft with 1366x768 res
can we install a bootable os while gpu attached.
or it is becouse i need to disable the onboard gpu as i m using asus m4a78t-e
waiting for your response
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  1. Um... No that's not normal. Do you mean the display is shaky, or the monitor itself?

    Sounds like a possible fault with your graphics card, maybe a driver or heat issue?

    Next time you run a game, try running a temperature monitor that logs the peak temp while you play, then check the temp after you close the game and post it up.
  2. Try reducing the screen refresh rate, your monitor is having trouble locking on to the rate that you have it set to at the moment.
  3. the icons in the desktop are shaky
    hw can i monitor the peak temp
    and this happens only after playing games
    any good app for temp monitoring
  4. I don't think that this has anything to do with temperature.
  5. had a similar issue before.

    when the overall use of colours changes on your screen in VGA mode it does not like it and starts getting pixels that move everywhere.

    solution: DVI Cable

    or make sure the VGA cable is not near any speakers, or sources of magnetism.

    Solved my problem with a fullHD screen (Samsung p2250)

    It's a problem in the transmission of the video between the computer and the screen. almost never happens with DVI, but VGA it's quite common. (since it's analogue)
  6. can i use dvi cable with my 18.5" dell
    how much does it cost?
    and i cant install the latest catalyst downloaded from is there any performance diff with that catalyst?
  7. Can you use it? well I dont know check the backside of the monitor to see if there is a port for a DVI cable.

    Cost, not much, but they are expensive cables though. At newegg:
    You should be able to go to any local store though and pick one up, im sure they have them.

    of cource you can download the new calalyist drivers, its generally reccomended to keep drivers up to date anyways, although do not count on much of a performance boost, mostly bug fixing and small tune-ups
  8. there is a dvi to hdmi converter also included
    but non in the moniter
    and this flickring will kill my eyes very soon
  9. try clearing the cable from any mass.

    basically try lying your monitor on the floor as far away from the pc as possible, and stretch the cable through air.

    if the cable is next to speakers or bundled up with a bunch of other cables it can couse this effect
  10. but this happens only after a gpu stress like gaming or benchmarking. WHY?
  11. I think that it happens because when you are benchmarking or gaming you are in a different (lower) resolution, when you return to the desktop you are in a much higher resolution which at the refresh rate you have set the GPU to the monitor is having trouble locking on to.
  12. yes, when i had this issue it also happened after gaming... it appeared that it was because there was a large change in colour content on the screen... it had to autoadjust again everytime the colours changed a bit.
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