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I have ASUS P5G41M-LX Mobo and 8GB of Transcend 1333MHZ, and PDC e5700(200*15).
I am now trying to overclock my cpu alone. Because my Board supports 1066FSB and 1333FSB. Ram also supports upto 1333Mhz(now underclocked to 800FSB). So just changing the CPU Base clock from 200 to 266 will it affect the board and memory. If so, how should i overclock CPU alone to increase FSB of CPU and leaving the ram and mobo on stocks... Please help me...
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  1. Clocking a locked multiplier chip is going to add to the mobo's clock. Best option is to drop that base clock to 200mhz and start adding to it to get the performance you want.

    That should keep the RAM within spec and since the motherboard supports a higher base clock, you should be able to achieve an overclock on the processor as long as it will handle it.

    The older generations of motherboards used that base clock to actually act like a FSB multiplier so you could run one of the million different speeds of DDR2 such as 800 and 1066. That also left a problem with owning a 1333mhz FSB chip and a motherboard which could only run the 800mhz variants and would automatically drop the clock astronomically!

    So figure out which setting directly effects your actual FSB and work with that. Keep your RAM's speed down in spec and keep the base clock under the stock speed of the 1333mhz and you should be fine. I HATED that generation and how they set that up. Made for a ton of confused owners trying to learn overclocking.
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