Difference between PC6400 and PC8500

Will I notice any particular difference in speed if I change my PC6400 RAM to PC8500?

MB is Gigabyte P35-DS3P
CPU Intel E6850
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  1. Welcome newcomer. Honestly, unless you're going to use your computer for benchmarking, you won't notice the difference. In most memory intensive apps or tasks, such as video editing, the speed MAY be noticed, but in your average run-of-the-mill operations, you won't. Lower latencies beat higher frequencies anyway.
  2. The difference is about 2-5+ FPS or a <5% overall performance difference.
    800 MHz vs 1066 Mhz - updating would be a waste of $. BTW - mixing 800 Mhz & 1066 MHz RAM is a bad idea and at best BOTH will run at 800 Mhz.
  3. overclocking pas 400 FSB I would recommend 1066mhz RAM
  4. Ok, thanks for your replys. I am about to start mixing music hence the thoughts of an upgrade.
  5. Most, but not all, DDR2-1066 RAM is actually overclocked DDR2-800 RAM that has been tested to run at the higher frequency, generally at a higher voltage and looser timings.

    Most good DDR2 RAM will run at 1066 speed under those conditions.
  6. Hmm, maybe I'll look in to that, but I'm not much for overclocking due to the risk of something going wrong resulting in possible loss of data and definitive money loss.
  7. quality ddr2 ram might make it to those speeds or it might not so OP if you want to be absolutely sure you can take the ram past 800mhz
    get ddr2 1066mhz. ram cheap or not if rated @ 1066 will deffinately allow you overclock further
  8. Quote:
    not that I'm kind of a decision maker for anybody, not even myself... lol
    but after reading through this thread..
    it's a push.
    i'm thinking try the new SET and do not mix RAM of 1066mhz and then once you test and know that your rig is running good and at the right speeds then go with it, overclocking or not. the other question is to re-sell the old RAM or keep it for back-up.?

    but if you can buy a complete set of 1066mhz RAM then you could take that money - $100+
    and buy 1/2 of a new build with a combo deal from newegg or frys.

    so with that being said, if you have a SET of 800mhz now, is it really worth it.?

    I ain't got no new set and I wont be buying any since the speed increase is that small. No overclocking for me either, wont start messin' with a workin' system if I don't have to.

    Since I live in Sweden I don't shop much att newegg either. =)
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