Windows 7 compatible?

you peoplez could please help me in one of two tways:

1. get find windows 7 ultimate x64 drivers for the sound on my msi k8n-neo2 platinum edition motherboard (preffered)
2. find win7 drivers for my sound-blaster pci ct4830 sound card (not preffered but afaik my mobo sound isnt win7 compatible, but i may be wrong!)

thanks a lot!
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  1. I found these drivers and am hoping they'll work for you:

    1. Realtek ALC850 - Vista/Win 7 Driver only, just extract and point Windows to the directory when updating the drivers.

    2. Sound Blaster Live! CT4830 - Said to be Vista drivers, but working for Win 7.
  2. In other words, you will find them on the company's website. Vista drivers work in windows 7.
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