M4A89GTD Pro USB 3


Can i put a dedicated NVIDIA graphics card on this motherboard for dedicated physics?

I've read you can, I've read you cannot. Some say the bios don't pick up the second card at all.

If you know the answer let me know, cause i'm thinking about picking up a second cheap card.

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  1. If it happens, then its a BIOS error most probably.. Refer to the manufacturer's website.. They should have some kind of fix (like a BIOS update) to counter this..
  2. I'd like to know if someone with this board as actually did this. it has onboard ati graphics, and uses a backwards pcie setup, card as to go in bottom slot.
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    If your meaning is PhysX then no, all of the new nVida drivers will block the HD 4290 or ANY HD {ATI/AMD} GPU. I'm sure there's some "hacked" way of doing it with a "hacked" driver, but never on one of my rigs. However, you can CF with {some} HD GPUs
    Tom's H/W -,1785-7.html

    PhysX -

    Hope that answers your question. Good Luck!
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  5. Thank you for clearing this up. I'm not a fan of ATI, so no crossfire for me :P
  6. I hear you there! Good Luck!
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