Adding a second hard drive trouble

nevermine you can close the thread
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  1. Did you solve your problem?
  2. Always try and post the problem + solution and leave it there so it can be searchable broseph!

    Just in case, someone else might have been in your same situation.
  3. Yeah I found out my problem - so I decided to edit the post. Now i have another problem lol.

    I've tried every way possible to get the data off of a broken hard drive. I hooked it up to a second working computer but the computer can't detect the hard drive. I've tried tons of recovery programs and they can't detect the hard drive either. I'm so desperate to get the data on this hard drive (stupidest thing I ever did in my life - didn't back up my data).

    I don't have any money but I'm willing to do this. (maybe I could convince my parents to give me my birthday and christmas money early) Is there any data recovery place you guys would suggest that could maybe get my data off of this hard drive. I know it's going to cost a lot so the cheaper the better. (I just want the documents nothing else)

    The second hard drive is detected by bios.

    If an admin is reading this could you change the title of the thread to

    Second hard drive is not detected
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  5. OMG I found my hard drive. All my writing it's there! All these days trying to find it and I did! I just have one question! I found my hard drive - but I read online I have to format the drive.

    Went to My Computer (right clicked) and found my hard drive. I clicked format and it said

    "All the data will be lost on the hard drive if you format it"

    What should I do?

    How my computer detected the hard drive

    Look for bayareajim's first post

    My sata drive wasn't turned on.
  6. Well don't format untill you have coppied all of your data from it and if it's not readable try those free software programs that I listed.
  7. Yeah the computer shows the hard drive but it's not readable so I'll try those programs and let u guys know
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  9. inzone said:

    Just wanted to thanks to all of you guys. I got almost all the documents off my hard drive. Still trying to get the rest. This was just so nice. I mean you guys aren't even payed - yet you are willing to help people with their computer problems. I don't know what I would of done if I had lost those documents.

    3 computers places told me there was no way I could get those documents off. Thats what everyone said. Ha!
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