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Im a friendly guy, I would like to introduce you all to my lovely system specs before we go on to this thread.

Intel core i5 2500 cpu 3.33 ghz and 6 mbs of l3 cache
enhanced speedstep technology

Asus sabertooth P67 motherboard (beautiful board)
ram - 8 gbs of ddr3 4 2 gbs sticks pny @ 1333 mhz (sad and know i need upgrade to 1666 or 1800 mhz) want to get crucial or corsair. feel free to help me on a good brand.

HDD western digital HDD sata 3.0 gbs 500 gbs

Nvidia geforce gtx 560 ti (galaxy) dont trust anyone else. evga precision dosnt work as good as msi afterburner i discovered. its too unstable.

750 watt extreme maxx psu
its nice it has covered cables.

and we continue-----------------------------------------------------

my question to you is that i have my cpu running at 3,565 mhz.
i went to the ai tweaker andi have it on c-probe. then my other settings, voltage controle is in offset mode.
my concern is this, which im afraid to do. yes im a ******* pussy. feel free to laugh. when i put it in manual mode, i set the voltage to 1.995, but i have the BCLE set to 107.3. when i have the voltage set to offset mode and set the cprobe current to 130 percent, i can boot upp and run at 3,565 mhz. im wondering, is it safe to enter the intervals to (EX 1.220)? WHEN I DID IT HIGHLIGHTED IN YELLOW AND IT PUT A RED FLAG IN MY HEAD MEANING MABY ITS A WARNING SIGN SAYING HEY BITCH STOP RAPING ME AND TURN ME DOWN NOW BEFORE I CALL THE COPS. i would like it to run faster than 3,565 mhz, would you say it is save to use those intervals (1.220) mhz? when i have it set to 1.195 the current voltage says 1.160 volts???? i keep asking myself, why when i manually do it the voltage decreases lower and when i use the intervals it wants me to take it past that amount? i hope someone understands how my settings are. im going to leave it alone untill someone gives me the okay to take the manual voltage higher than ******* 1.200. i cant stand how if its manually set like that it decreases the main load. its pissing me the hell off lol.
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  1. Having the BLCK set to 107.3 will make your system unstable. If you wanted to overclock you should've got a K series processor. If I were you I would just leave it stock.
  2. well, i can adjust each core all 1-4 in my settings, if i get the 3770k i7, would it go higher than 41 and would i be like omg when i realize i can clock it higher? my old h67 board could run it to 3.70 ghz max. i dont get why this board can only run at 3.5. i think its bullshit.
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