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Hey guys,

So I'm looking for some bottom line advice here.

I'm getting really tired of constantly worrying about my GPU temps, every card I've ever had has tun 10-20 degrees higher than what most people seem to say is acceptable for those cards. Wherever I post I get told that my temps are too high. Now I'm running a hd5870, and doing my benchies with Bioshock 2, it hits 75 degrees after an hour. I post that up, and lo and behold everyone says it's too high!

My case has a giant fan about half the size of the side panel on the side, a 2x 120mm fans, one for intake, one for exhaust at the top. The I've added an 80mm fan pointed straight at the GPU, still I get these temps!

So I'm wondering, what the hell do I have to do to lower the GPU temps!? Is this number of fans not enough!?

I'm starting to wonder if my temps are fine, because I'm doing MORE than what is recommended by the manufacturer to keep this thing cool at stock clocks, yet everyone still says it's too hot!

So can someone tell me, REALLY, is my card too hot?

It's currently idling at 38 degrees, it hits 88 degrees after 15 mins on furmark, 75 degrees after an hour on Bioshock 2. Those are they only tests I've been able to do with all the doom-saying about my temps making me worry since this was a £300 card!

Is my card REALLY in danger? Should I stop worrying? I wanna know the full score here cuz if this card really is running hot then I don't know what the hell it takes to cool it on top of the stock cooling (which at factory clocks SHOULD be enough) and it should not have been approved for release since if it's overheating like everyone says then it's poorly designed and inherently faulty.

Anyway rant over. Any opinions please?


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  1. 75C for a 5780 is normal mine hits 78C with max settings on Dragon Age. 38 idle is ok, mines 36C but dual screen idle for me is 48C because the card clocks higher when multiple screens are detected.
  2. Who the hell says 75centigrade is too high for the HD5870? Especially after an hour of gaming. If it was 75Degrees after an hour of idling, I'd be worried. But high-end gaming, those temps are PERFECTLY normal.
  3. Arma 2 hits 80-85 after a while too, I've had a lot of people say thats too high too!
  4. Have had a 8800GT - 2 years throughout constantly hitting 90c+ in certain games. It still works...
    Regardless, heat will shorten the life of anything which is why some people may be super-anal about it (as I have become). I've got a 275 now with a huge heatsink from ECS and I can run Furmark @ 55c load now. Helps the anality.
  5. That's completely fine. My 4870x2s hit >85C all the time.
  6. Who says 75C is too high for a 5870 under an hour of load?
    Granted I have a 4670 with a HSF the size of a BBQ grill.
  7. kutuup, you can buy an aftermarket cooler (any kind of cooling device bought after the device), and that'll take temps down a good 15-20degrees.
  8. My 4850 runs at 95c in BC2. Fan isn't even at 100% at 95c, obviously ATI doesn't care much about it. The fan is around 25% at 85c

    The i7 doesn't throttle itself until 100c and GPUs can handle slightly higher temps than CPUs
  9. My 4870 hits 85 in Crysis on very high/Warhead on Enthusiast, 4x AA, 16X AF. Don't worry unless the thing crosses 90. Even then, the real danger temp is 110. Says so in the ATI Overdrive manual.
  10. If it starts artifacting, blue screening, or locking up, then it is too hot and you will need to address the issue.
    If you have none of those problems, game away and forget about it man, you are worrying about nothing. 75c is not hot for a modern GPU.
  11. Furmark stresses the hell out of any card. It is designed to be that way. It causes the video card's temps to sky rocket and power consumption to dramatically increase as well.
  12. @ Kutuup: How hot is the room the computer is in?
    Like everyone else has said: Do n't worry, the card is just fine-My HD5770 hits 70C running Furmark and I live in chilly, damp, wintry England and it is in a Antec 200 case ;)
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