Can I add 2nd SATA Hard Disk? My other is IDE(PATA)


My motherboard is ver3.x and I have only one hard disk. My Hard disk is an IDE (PATA).
My Question is 'can I add my second Hard Disk?' I like to add a SATA hard disk. Can I add SATA hard disk when my other is IDE(PATA)?
I see in my User's Manual, on the diagram of the mainboard, there is two jsata slots. Is JSATA slot is the slot where I can connect the SATA hard Disk? Because I'm not sure because of It has "J" as prefix.
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  1. It means the drives won't be controller by the southrbridge but a Jmicron(i think).
    It should work but it ain't as good as normal.
    I would recommend getting a new mobo ASAP.
  2. What make & model motherboard do you have? It's odd that a board would only have JSATA and not any regular SATA as well.
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