Sickle Flows or Spectre Pros

I want some LED fans that move a lot of air at 12v, but whisper quiet at 5v(I have a 3-step fan controller: 5v, 7v, 12v).

So far I've narrowed down my results to CM's Sickle Flows and Bitfenix's Spectre Pros. Aerocool's Sharks are too loud. Most other fans don't perform as well or silently as these 2, but I haven't been able to find any direct comparison between them, nor any directly comparable 3rd-party benchmarks.

So to anyone who have had these before, what do you suggest? Or are there better options that I missed?
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  1. How about this fan?

    1400 RPM with a rating of 74 CFM. It also states 15 dba for noise level.

    On the other hand the SickleFlows have 2000RPM with a rating of 69.69 cfm. They have a noise level of 19dba.

    When I get back home, I can check for a review on these fans and see the actual CFM and DBA given I can find anything on them. I know that Cooler Master over exaggerates their ratings on several stuff.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, but I doubt this fan would be able to produce enough cooling at 12v for me. Reviews are rare, but hey seem to perform splendidly for quiet fans!

    As mentioned in the first post, my preferences are for fans that do good cooling at 12v, even if it's a little loud, but they can still move some air silently at 5v/7v.

    Reviews seem to agree that the 1900rpm Slip Streams are better than both of my choices in my situation, but it doesn't come with LED and I'm too lazy to add them ):

    Also, I wouldn't trust manufacturer ratings, especially when comparing against products from a different company. As benchmark settings are different and unpublished, we can't do any meaningful comparisons between them.
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