Win7 Media Center and Server2008/Exchange on 1 box?


I am looking to reduce the number of computers that I have running all of the time. I am looking into virtual machines to accomplish this and would like to know 1) if it is possible, and 2) what virtual machine software would be best for my situation.

I use media center for TV, movies, and music. I use Server for Exchange and IIS and domain controller. The load on the server is light as it is only a home server.

My machine can be built up quite heavily if needed:
Supermicro X7DA8 (capable of holding 2x 5400 series Xeon processors, 32GB RAM)

So I'm not too much worried about performance. The server portion doesn't need to be lightning fast, just reliable.

From what I understand, if I wish to watch TV/movies out of this box I will need to have Win7 as my host OS so that it can access the full functionality of my GPU. So this leaves me with figuring out what virtual machine software will be best to run a Server 2008 domain controller with Exchange.

Yes, I realize the DC will not be available when my host OS is booting. I'm no expert but I don't see this being a huge problem.

My main concern is regarding a crash of the host OS or a power outage. How do the different virtual machines handle that? Is any data that changed since the last "snapshot" lost? Could my Exchange database get corrupted?

As you can see I'm kinda all over the place here. Just beginning my research and could use any advice anyone has to offer.

So again, I am looking to run Win7 Media Center along with Server 2008 simultaneously and reliably on the same box.

Thank you,
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  1. Sooooooo.......

    Can anyone point me to a good virtual machine or virtualization forum then?
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