Windows 7 64 bit os 32/64 bit performance difference

I can not find any comparison on the difference in performance running 64bit os on a true 64bit cpu or 32bit running 64 emulation, is their any performance benefit using any special type of cpu 32 or 64
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  1. I have never heard of running 64-bit emulation on a 32-bit processor. To my knowledge, this is not possible.

    There is a theoretical performance benefit of 64-bit due to being able to move more data at once because of the wider (64-bit) data paths. In reality, much of the software is still 32-bit being emulated on a 64-bit processor. This is changing but the performance benefit is not very noticeable. Please note that 32-bit processors can only address 4GB of ram. 64-bit processors can address 17179869184GB of ram. Although, windows 7 is software limited to 192GB for most versions. This is the main reason for the move to 64-bit.

    If you are thinking of purchasing a new 32-bit processor though, you can't anyway. Since the days of the Athlon 64, all CPUs from AMD and intel have been 64-bit.

    If this is not the answer you were looking for, please be more specific and provide more detail in your question.
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