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Hi all,

I'm looking at replacng the stock Intel i5 3570 cooler with a Noctua NH-D14. The stock Intel cooler has a 4 wire fan that I've connected to the 4 pin CPU_fan1 connection on my ASrock Z77 Extreme 6 Mobo.

The Noctua cooler has dual 3 wire fans and comes with a cable that enables you to bridge the two fans together and connect them both to a single connection on the Mobo. The ASrock Z77 Extreme 6 Mobo has a CPU_fan1 4 pin connecter and a CPU_fan2 3 pin connecter.

Just wondering if I should:

1. Bridge the 2 Noctua fans together using the supplied cable and connect them to CPU_fan1 on the Mobo (if so how do I know if the Mobo can run 2 fans from a single connection?)
2. Connect one fan to CPU_fan1 and the oher to CPU_fan2 on the Mobo
3. Connect both directly to the PSU and have them run full speed all the time

Help appreciated.

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  1. go with option 2
    4 pin header can still have a 3 pin fan you will just have an extra header pin sticking
  2. Thanks
  3. Installed it last night - works a treat and dropped CPU temp by at least 10 degC compared to the stock cooler. Will have to have a look in BIOS as I think the CPU fans are set to "full on" rather than "automatic" judging be the RPM readings.
  4. with 3 pins fan will run full tilt , maybe a fan controller that works with temp sensors , my radimax case has 2 fans that speed up when sensors in case detect it's getting hot
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