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Hello everyone,

I grab a combo yesterday in Frys, Celeron E3300 + Biostar BIOSTAR G41-M7. Since my old desktop is Dell E510 (BTX), I am unable to use that case to put the new motherboard.

Can you help me to find some budget case? Thanks in advance.
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  1. This is a great case for the money. Comes with 3 x 120mm fans and a 140mm top fan preinstalled. All are adjustable speed and it is nearly silent on low.

    This is a bit cheaper but only comes with 1x 120mm and 1 x 140mm fans. Still a high quality case.
  2. Get the 300, not the 200. The the extra cooling capacity is worth the cost difference.
  3. I have the three hundred. Great case. I taped over the spot for the side fan so that all the air goes through the front air filter though. Thumbscrews are a nice touch and the hard drives load from the front. There's enough room for a 10.5" video card. Bottom mounted PSU, make sure the cables for the motherboard are long enough.

    I have this one though:
    And haven't added any additional fans. If the LED lights in the three hundred illusion don't bug you, then great, worth the extra $5. But I have found the cooling provided by my 300 to be more than sufficient for my system.

    From the sounds of it though, this is not a gaming system, you will not be overclocking and do not have a dedicated video card? You could always go for a cheaper case with less cooling if you wanted then. The 200 is very similar to the 300 and has enough cooling for you at a lesser cost.
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