Frame rate studdering

having problems with framerate studdering when playing many games. I have i7-920, 9 gb ddr3, gtx 260 1.7 gb, this is an hpe-170f the gtx 260 came w/ pc. do I just need a better GPU? games: modern warfare 1&2, fallout 3, oblivion...
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  1. Check your temperatures.
  2. how do I do that?
  3. HWMonitor.
  4. ok, this is with modern warfare 2 running maxed out
    cpu core0 45c, core1 40c, core2 44c, core3 40c
    GPU 47c
    with just win 7 up 32,32,35,30 & GPU @ 41
  5. Temps look very good. Can you define the "studdering" issue a bit? Is it like you are getting good FPS then it suddenly drops and comes back up during gameplay? Also what screen resolution?
  6. I'm playing @ 1920x1080. The framerate prob is only there when i pan around, and even dropping the res & all the other graphics settings down doesnt seem to help. Its like the image is tearing or shuttering instead of a uniform framerate (bad or good) I get this prob on alot of games with a few exceptions; Mass Effect 2 & dragon age dont seem to do the same. On all the games even alot happenning on screen wont cause it but looking around does.
  7. Turn on Vsync. Turn up the Hz on your monitor.
  8. Think I figured something out, had to go into my card settings and disable the multi monitor func. I also changed some of the other settings to high performance end, this helped but I think this may be problem with keyboard\mouse control on many fps games. I have installed a new gpu (5870 vaporx) & am getting great performance gains, yet this problem remains. mw2 is the only game this isnt a problem on.
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