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Hello,i would like to know what you look for when buying memory.i would like to overclock my memory at some i see the timing number is differant on some of you want the lower timing number for overclocking?what is a good timing ## to look for.i plan to go with AMD Phenom II X4 965 or AMD Phenom II X4 970 Black also i could use some ideas about what motherboard you fellers would recommend for these cpu very green so all input you guys give would greatly appreciated.also already have a evga EVGA GeForce GTS 450 Superclocked card to go in this system.going to be 32 bit also.i need all the help you guys can offer.thanks
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    Theres not really any point to OCing memory, it won't gain you much performance at all. Though it can be fun. I got my G.Skill Ripjaws 1600MHz "8-8-8-24 to 1830MHz 8-8-8-24" and to "1400MHz 5-6-5-20". I didn't do it to gain performance just for fun, you shouldn't really go out and buy Dominators just because you want to OC though.

    When your looking at memory there is frequency (MHz) and latency (eg 9-9-9-24). Neither of these give you much performance with frequency giving you basically nothing beyond 1333MHz. Latency does give you some performance though which is what it is for.

    High frequency RAM is for OCing the CPU. You see when you OC a CPU the RAM speed increases, after too much of a CPU OC the RAM might not be able to run under or at 1333MHz. Instead it is pushed above this (its rated speed) and is "Overclocked". This can limit a CPU OC as the RAM will soon become too fastly clocked to run stable.

    That is the main reason why people buy RAM which is clocked faster then 1333MHz. Though in your case this CPU OC does not apply, this is because you have a "Black Edition" CPU. What this means is that the CPUs multiplier can be raised, if you do this the CPU speed will increase but the RAM speed will stay the same. Therefore 1600MHz is not "really" required for you.

    With latency don't pay too much for lower timings, stay in your budget. Though it does not cost that much for lower timings.

    I would suggest going with the Phenom II X4 955 if you are going to be OCing it. You can easily clock the 955 up to the speeds of the 965 and 970, yet it is much cheaper. Also are you getting an aftermarket cooler?

    Here is some good 1333MHz 9-9-9-24 memory to look at for $72:

    1600MHz RAM cost a whole $13 more so I would discourage it, if you want to spend some more money go for lower latency.

    For a motherboard you need to be more specific. Do you need/want USB/SATA 3.0, are you expecting to SLI, are you expecting to switch to ATI and Crossfire...

    Anyway heres a nice board if you don't need SLI (I would discourage it) $100:

    Why go with a 32 bit OS? You already have it?

    Hope that helps.

    Fixed a few errors.
  2. yes already have 32 bit.also would be getting a after market cooler was looking at this but that could change as i read more[CORSAIR Cooling Hydro Series CWCH50-1 120mm High Performance CPU Cooler].will be going with the [AMD Phenom II X4 970]
    also if this cpu comes out at 3.5 and can hit 4 are you saying go with the 1333 or do i need to go with the 1600?money wize i can afford to go either way.would this motherboard go good with this video card i already have? thank you for your advice will have some more questions

    EVGA GeForce GTS 450 Superclocked 01G-P3-1452-TR
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  4. Yes that motherboard will go good with your current GPU, though you will not be able to add another card....

    I said that you did not need to go with the 1600 and that the 1333 will be fine. Did you not understand why?

    If you understand why then you might understand why the 970 is not really any better then the 955.

    I would look more at a Cooler Master Hyper 212+. They are very good, Newegg has them for $38 though I think Amazon has them for $30 (free shipping).
  5. yes i understand why now. i will take that under consideration. i was wanting to get a cpu that was clocked very high but i do see your point.i like the config you have layed out for me thanks again.
  6. so if i can get my cpu from stock to 4GHz 1333 would work?right or would it be better to go with some 1600?
  7. Yes you should be able to get 4GHz if the proccessor can handle it. You can do this with 1333MHz.

    Glad I could help.
  8. awsom thanks
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