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Im new to this overclocking thing, I have an Athlon X3 455 unlocked cores to Phenom X4 B55 (Stock Speed at 3.3 Ghz) then Overclocked to 3.9Ghz. I'm using an aftermarket cooler so no worries at Temp.

My question is, I'm using CPU-Z when stress testing and the Max TDP shows 126 Watts while my CPUID shows 137 Watts is consuming while stress testing. Is there any wrong with my overclocking? Cause i read some article that you should keep the max TDP of your CPU while on load. :??:
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  1. as long as your overclock is stable by running prime 95 for hours and temps are in check you're fine
  2. ^
    Im stress testing it now, since the CPU temperature is bugged while Cores are unlock, I'm checking it via Bios or back to stock cores (Triple core). Thanks for the reply sir. Still waiting for anyones reply.
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