Ati gpu in Nvidia motherboard

well i have an amd phenom processor on Nvidia nforce 720d and still looking for a nice graphic card.

my fist choice gf9800 or anything same,
but i saw a ati 4830 that is almost the same spec but less more cheap then the nvidia.

what should i choose the ati or the nvidia. if the ati will it ok on nvidia chipset mboard...(all the brand is asus)
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    if you are looking at a 9800gt then $100 is how much you are willing to spend? the 4770 is faster than the 9800gt for a little less.
  2. ATI will work fine on nforce board, you just wont be able to CF in the future. And instead of 9800 id go with a gts250 or 4770/4850, all around the 100$ price point
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