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So. I installed Win 7 64bit Home Premium on my PC. I bought a System Builder disc, as I did when I originally built the rig.

The problem I face is this: Asus doesn't support my motherboard any longer. So they didn't make any drivers for Win 7. The rig boots and runs fine. However, if I leave it on overnight the next morning I am greeted with a BSOD. I narrowed it down to an old Asus driver that doesn't have a replacement.

I have a new motherboard that is supported that I can get, however I am aware that the System Builder product key is tied to the first motherboard it is installed on.

Will I be able to install the new mobo, reinstall 7, and be able to get it activated?
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  1. ^ Yes, but you'll be directed to Activate online or Call Microsoft. On new builds I quit activating until the last minute {hardware changes/reinstalls/etc}.
  2. Yes, you own the product key, but you may have to go through calling MS support... It actually works pretty good!
  3. Don't mind calling MS support. I've just heard conflicting stories, some say MS will allow me to use the new mobo. Others claim I am SOL.

    Thanks for the help.
  4. I just rebuilt a system {new components} and I only had to do online; took me 5 minutes and was online. If you "truly" are running (1) copy per license then you have nothing to worry about, but if you indeed have the other rig with the same S/N Windows 7 currently running then that's another story. Microsoft will know.
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