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Hey guys,

Was looking for some specialist help. I'm having problems with my computer First I'll list the specs -

Windows 7 64Bit Premium
Amd Phenom II Quad Core 3.2ghz
Asus Crosshair III Motherboard
4GB DDR3 1333mhz Corsair Memory (2x4GB)
Geforce 260 GTX
Soundblaster X-fi Sound Card
400GB Samsung Spin Point Sata II HDD (primary)
1TB Seagate HD Drive Sata II (secondary, Storage)
Coolermaster 690 case

First of all I just want to mention that my memory is actually out for warrenty replacement and I have just aquired a stick to last me in the mean time (1gb OCZ DDR3 1333mhz)

My computer keeps freezing (screen locks and mouse). This happens shortly after the operating system boots up and if I try run startup repair (during the repair process).

Initially before my ram was sent off for warrenty replacement the computer was running fine untill I formatted both internal drives after backing up on an external drive important documents. Before formating I used the 1TB drive as primary and the 400GB as secondary.

After formating I switched them around and began the installation process of windows 7 onto the 400GB. However during the installation the process kept crashing during the "expanding files" stage. This could happen at different stages and also sometimes resulted in different blue screen messages.

I thought it might be the boot disc I made which was corrupt at first so I tried making a pen drive bootable. I encountered the same problem though during the expanding files stage.

However I decided that because it was doing it at different stages there might be a chance it would make it all the way through, after about 30 times it did. But windows kept crashing spontaneously with blue screen messages.

So I decided to swap the hard drives back, the installation was still crashing in the same manner. I next tested out the memory modules, I took one stick out and found that the expanding files process was still crashing but the BSOD was no longer occurring. So I continued to attempt an install again that took about 20 attempts.

After installing I started getting BSOD again when in the operating system so I downloaded Memtest86 and the stick that was still in failed.

So I came to the conclusion that both modules were faulty. I posted on Corsairs website the problem and screenshots of memtest. They told me to send them off to get repaced under warrenty.

.......So here I am today

The modules are taking a while to process so I bought a 1GB stick so that I can use my computer for work in the mean time. However I now keep encountering regular freezes in Windows 7 (Screen locks up and mouse) where I have to reset. The problem occurs during windows startup repair and if I try use Windows 7 Boot disc.

I ran a quick mem test on the 1GB stick (which is second hand) for about 15 minutes and no problems were found.

Sometimes the crash would occur when windows was starting up as well. I've managed to get into safe mode a couple of times and it seemed to run okay.

But as it stands now its just incredibly unstable, and I had problems activating my windows as it was a student upgrade for vista so I had to ring microsoft to get them to activate my clean install. I want to avoid having to do this again, especially if the problem is still active.

If anybody has any advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Many thanks,

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  1. Also I forgot to mention I have a corsair 850 Watt PSU although I'm pretty sure thats functioning fine
  2. could be as simple as too few ram:
    w7 req: 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)

    so if it uses more than 1 gig (which will happen a lot) it dumps a part of the memory on the hdd(=virtual ram) and as a result your w7 is very slow (a hdd is so much slower than ram).
    it could even be that you have no virtual ram set, which results in a total freeze when the ram (+virtual ram) is completely full.

    - install xp and wait for your replacement of the faulty ram.
    - install more ram now and use w7
  3. cant edit...

    third solution: set more virtual ram, your pc will still be very slow
  4. fjiekie said:
    cant edit...

    third solution: set more virtual ram, your pc will still be very slow

    Thanks Fjekie, I did think that it could be something to do with only 1GB of ram, I realised that windows 7 uses about 750-800mb of memory while idle :|

    Is it possible to set the virtual ram outside of the OS? I was going to use the windows tool to turn a memory stick into virtual ram but the operating system freezes before I get chance to do anything really.
  5. maybe in safe mode although I'm not sure...
  6. fjiekie said:
    maybe in safe mode although I'm not sure...

    ill give it ago when i get back thanks for your help
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