Fan on my HD 4850 kicking the bucket, can i get a replacement?

So im broke and saving my money to go see my Girlfriend in a long distance relationship, Want to keep my gaming card, Is the fan replaceable? My HDD is kicking the bucket to Chkdisk is fixing errors left and right to.

Temps on GPU at idle 60C-80C, Gaming is now impossible.

Please Suggest a fan or fix, IDK how much longer my computer will run.
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  1. BTW, Card is a 4850 Sapphire, 1 year old. Dont have the box or upc for a warranty, was overclocked once so not likely for a warranty.
  2. Maybe buy a broken 4850 on ebay or an after market heatsink.
  3. Will these fit my 4850?

    Is the copper one worth the extra $7? Really dont need this to happen to me right now. Will they fit?

    I dont game enough to upgrade it right now, i was going to upgrade my cpu and motherboard this summer and crossfire it, $350 upgrade. Are these fans to big for a crossfire?
  4. Found reviews of people that used it on Sappire 4850s and they say it works.

    Newegg says the 5850 is 1.5 inches tall (38.1 mm) and that cooler says its 30mm tall, so I can safely assume it will allow you to crossfire. Found some reviews as well.

    As for the all copper, if you are going to reuse the cooler Id get it, otherwise just save your money. It dosent seem to perform that much better or worse.
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