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My Dell XPS M1210 has an LCD/graphics issue. Any image will be blurry, but text is clean. Images also have specs coming an going, but text background is clean, no artifacts/dots/lines/flickering.
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  1. Whats the GPU of the laptop? might have something to do with drivers or gamma settings
  2. Hi,
    It's the Nvidia GeForce go 7400.
    2 GB RAM.
    Samsung WXGA LCD screen
    I thought it might be the screen/dsiplay video also.
    External Video out to LCD monitor is good.
    Is there a way to reload motherboard video bios?
    What other settings? The DELL boot screen is affected, but all real text characters are not affected. Text that is in a button, or is really an image or object, is affected.
    THe text of this textbox looks perfect, white is perfect, no artifacts.
    Desktop pic is really poor, has some "movement" or artifacts, as do all pictures/video.

    Could it be the screen display electronics can't resolve pictures, but make text perfect???

    Thanks for your help, I love this laptop, been trying drivers, Reflashed to newer MB Bios, removed/reattached lcd screen and all cable connections...

    Any ideas would be appreciated before I drop major cash to replace the LCD screen.

  3. Since you mentioned a external monitor... i have a dell 6400/e1505 laptop, and i actually swear my screen has gone a slight yellow tinge where the whites arent so white, after using it with my full hd aoc 22" external...
    Can you give us any screenshots of the blurry/dodgy screen?
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