7970 MSI Afterburner Help going crazy lol

I cant overclock with MSI afterburner it makes my screen flicker and tear the moment i click apply even if all i do is increase the clock speed by 10 MHZ it creates screen tears and flickers i have NO IDEA what to do any suggestions?
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  1. What brand is the GPU? What other components do you have? What error or problem do you get? Please be more specific with the information.
  2. Asus HD 7970 i7 3770k with Asus V pro motherboard 800 watt corsair GS and this issue is only when i go above drivers 12.6 any driver above 12.6 including the new 12.11 beta give me this error..... i simple cannot put any overclock even a 10 MHZ overclock and i hit apply my screen starts tearing when i move my mouse around and drivers 12.6 and under work perfect with MSI afterburner but i want afterburner becosue i can get my clock to 1200 MHZ and memory to 1600 MHZ without a voltage increase witch i can only do with MSI afterburner.
  3. Could you do this?

    Uninstall all the AMD software, I mean to all CCC and just leave the driver and try again.
  4. I had the exact same problem. I fixed it by uninstalling MSI afterburner and downloading 2.3.0 (Not the BETA) from their site. Then I installed it and it worked! Now I can overclock with Afterburner without my screen getting buggy.
  5. i had that problem to, it came because msi afterburner en ccc had different adjustments.
    so look at that.
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