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im looking to buy a new system and i see some private companies (cyberpower, magic micro on ebay ect.) that offer different configurations and allow you to add or upgrade components. are these places reliable? if so, does anyone have any recommendations? appreciate any feedback.

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  1. Well, considering this is where you ask about building your own PC, I'll just go ahead and tell you that you're not going to get higher quality, lower prices or more reliability than picking everything out yourself and putting it all together.
  2. forgive me ! it won't happen again! what do you think , 10 or 20 lashes? anyway , thanks for responding.
  3. LOL. Manny, if you're really not confident in yourself, then the best thing to suggest is to check out and look into the history of any of the companies you're interested in.

    However, if you want to know, I've got a friend who used Cyberpower to build his rig. When he got the computer, it would randomly freeze. I've helped him test everything, RAM, heat, BIOS, you name it.

    Finally I notice that the version on the mobo was version 1. Not that there is anything wrong just because it was the first verison, but I suggested my friend inform Cyberpower of the problem and of all the tests and results he and I had. Cyberpower ended up sending a different motherboard and removed the first motherboard from their shelves.
  4. thanks! i appreciate any info i can get.
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