Q9550 Temp Problems ! Please Help

I own a Q9550 (Yorkfield 45nm Core Voltage: Shuffles b/w 1.120, 1.128, 1.136 at stock speed). My CPU's temp (idle) on stock heatsink are as follow:

Tj Case: 32 C
Core 0 : 50 C [As recorded by speed fan 4.40]
Core 1 : 45 C
Core 2 : 47 C
Core 3 : 50 C

Ambient Room temp: 25 C
Chassis cooling : Coolermaster Centurion 590- Full Front Mesh- 4 fans-Top(2) Back(1) Sidepanel(1)-All Exhaust-69 CMF-2000 RPM

My concern is that are these tenps fine or they can be further less on Stock/After market heatsink (Coolermaster Hyper 212) as I am looking forward to overclock my cpu to a min of 3.6 GHZ. I want the temps to be as low as possible. I am worried as I see people claiming idle temps of 25 C or so (don't know whether it is Core or surface temp). Pl reply.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Those are hot for stock. What heatsink are you using again?
  2. Are you sure you have the heatsink on tight enough? If the heatsink doesn't have firm contact then the processor could get that hot at idle. Try reseating the heatsink and see if the temps go down.
  3. Thats exactly where I was going Haserath. People seem to have trouble seating the stock intel heatsink.
  4. FALC0N said:
    Those are hot for stock. What heatsink are you using again?

    Arse gravy!, they're lower than mine have ever been and I'm using an AC7.
  5. One more question, to put on the heatsink correctly, i need thermal paste. I bought coolermaster thermal fusion 400 from Nehru Place but couldn't find Artic clean or an isopropyl alcohol solution to clean the heatsink, so what do you suggest i should use to clean it ?
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