GA-EP45-UD3P Ethernet Problems

I have been using this board for some time. The one thing that i am very unhappy with is the Dual ethernet ports. I have installed all the latest drivers, but when i plug two cables into my machine, and set them as a conjoined connection in the diagnostics, i always get a BSOD. :pfff:
I just finished a fresh install of vista 64 bit in raid0. Any tips on how to get this network issue solved would be greatly appreciated.


4870 (1gb) x2
Dual core 3.0 ghz
4 gigs ram
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  1. Welcome Newcomer! :)

    Are you Bridging, Teaming, or Sharing the NICs? They are all different and all set-up differently. In most "home" environments the Teaming will not work {home routers do not support that feature} and Bridging is unnecessary in 99% of broadband situations. Therefore, Sharing (i.e. LAN Party) is about the only useful situation.

    I would strongly recommend that you use the Realtek Ethernet Diagnostic Utility to set-up your NIC. I reviewed the Manual an there is a very good guide on page 84 for "Teaming." Teaming is good for redunancy and doubling the bandwidth, but keep in mind if there is not other PC/Server on your network it will be as fast as the slowest connection(s). Example, if your Router is 10/100 and another PC has a 1000 port the speed will be 100 -- if connecting to a PC with Team 1000 port then 200 will be the limit, etc. Further, if the purpose is to "improve" your internet connection then it will not; FIOS offers {50 Mbps X 0.125 = 6.25 MB/s} 6.25 is crazy slow compared to 100/1000/2000.

    Further, my experience with Dual NIC is not to "Bridge" via Windows; Realtek & Intel have their own implementation which "may" explain your problem.

    Intel -
    Realtek - {see your manual}
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