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Cache size=performance

I have an amd 6400+ x2 cpu with 2mb of l2 cache... my friend has intel core 2 duo 6mb l2 cache... when looking at cpu usage in games, his is at about 40-60% and mine is peaked 24/7... mine runs 200 mhz faster than his at 3.2ghz, and his is at 3.0ghz... the only thing hs has over mine is the cache... could this be the reason why mine is peaked?
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  1. Cache is just part of the whole equation, but yes having more cache is helping his cpu a lot.
  2. ok... how much would the phenom II x6 help me?
  3. The x6 is on a completely different level, but your motherboard might be too old to support one.

    You can also get much cheaper athlon 2's or phenom 2's that would blow away his core 2 duo.
  4. my motherboard is am3 capable... it's an msi 790xt g45
  5. You get a Phenom 2 and you will experience "like" performance to his e8400. Cache is a small factor in this comparison. The Core 2 CPU's can perform a lot more work per cycle than the 6400 x2. One of my main likes of my P2 955 is it feels just like my e8400 did but has the extra cores. It cannot overclock as high but I forgive it being that it has the extra cores. I think saying it will blow the Core 2 away is being a little dramatic being there are still things that my e8400 did faster than my 955 does. I wouldst go back by any means but it isn't fair to mislead people.
  6. ok cool, then sure an X6 would rock :D

    I'd personally get the 1055T and overclock it (assuming you have experience of that), but if you don't want to overclock or want to but have little experience then the 1090T is a great chip with easy overclocking.
  7. I wasn't aware it was an e8400, in that case you are correct a phenom II would be on a similar level in gaming.
  8. I am guessing with him saying 3.0GHz Core 2. I lived out this scenario going from my 6400 to the e8400. it made me feel very dirty i must say. it was the first Intel anything I had bought in years.
  9. Oh I thought it was the cache that gave it away? I'm guessing now it probably is an e8400 due to having 6mb l2?

    You'll have to bear with me on some of these, fact is I know a lot less about the exact details of intel cpu's than I do with the AMD's now. ;)
  10. haha i wouldnt know except i had the pony in my stable jennyh. i made a commitment not to buy any new tech toys but the 6 core is almost too cheap to pass on. that is the best value CPU going right now in my opinion.
  11. yeah.... i used to be intel too... the 1055t is the 2.8ghz? and the 1090t is the 3.0ghz one? if the caches are the same, then i can totally oc the 1090t to 3.0 or 3.2ghz... actually, just checked... the caches are the same... $100 for .2ghz seems like a lot... when i can just oc it... am i missing something else that the 1090 has over the 1055?
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    It's a black edition, therefore it is much easier to overclock, and probably would overclock a little bit higher too.

    The 1090T is 3.2ghz btw, not 3ghz ;) But like you I'm not convinced that's worth an extra $100.
  13. thanks guys, 1055t it is XD
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