Arctic Alpine Pro 64 V2

I'm running an A8-5600k on a stock cooler and had an Arctic Alpine Pro 64 V2 lying around. Was wondering if anyone knew if this cooler would do a better job at lowering temps than the stock cooler?
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  1. I do not have any personal experience with that cooler. But this review says it is a good cooler.
  2. Honestly, it may perform a bit better than the stock cooler or have equivalent performance. I just checked the stock cooler and it seems to be made up completely of aluminum. You Alpine pro 64 v2 is made of the same thing but still it may yield better results. I would expect better temperatures (not by too much). At the end of the day you have nothing to lose apart from thermal paste and some time.

    Edit: Just check the Alpine page, and it seems like it claims to have a cooling capacity of 90 watts whereas your processor has 100 watts. I would just say give it a shot, like I said above expect equivalent or maybe a small increase. Nothing to lose really....
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