Dfi lanparty dk p45-t2rs memory problems

Hello, i have a lanparty dk45-trs plus i have installed 2x2gb memory which work fine .... i purchased 2 more 2gb memory modoules the same as the first and its does not boot up ... i have tried memory pairs in every combination of slots and pairs but only 2 will ever work at one time .. i checked the bios id number and its get stuck on either 55 or 5d which doesnt make sense ... i am using corsair memory
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  1. Shut it down remove the cord. Remove the two new RAM modules. Repower, enter the BIOS and go to the northbridge settings: increase the voltage two increments higher than the default voltage, save and exit the BIOS. Power-off, remove cord. Re-install the two new RAM modules. Re-attach the cord, and power-on. You should pass POST and boot now.
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